The kitchen is one of the central points of our home. Family life develops, in many moments in this room. Breakfast all together, lend a hand when you have to prepare a special dinner than normal… And it is a fact that the kitchen is acquiring increasing importance in the world of design and decoration, that show you what are the latest trends in kitchens one of these increasing trends being granite worktops in the kitchen

These efficient induction cookers are safer and caring for the planet using only electricity for long enough. They are also very modern, fast and green. The induction hob is the new way of cooking in the world. It works by first electromagnetic, very fast and clean, which heats only the pot and concentrated much better heat and flavor.

There are agreements with several national nationwide companies for the induction cookplates are accessible for all Ecuadorians. Then you will find a list of the qualified manufacturers by the energy efficiency program of cooking by induction, models of kitchens that exist and the steps to follow to acquire yours.

The main difference is that traditional electric cooker uses electric heating elements to heat the surface and then heat vessels, while the induction cookplate generates the phenomenon of electromagnetic induction and directly heats the container in a single step, so it is much more efficient and economical.

Dica kitchens are manufactured entirely in Spain using topquality materials: most innovative European hardware, edged with the latest laser technology, laminate wood selected for each project and lacquers and varnishes that meet the most stringent quality controls. Assembly is carried out by specialists, who know in detail the products dica, achieving a perfect finish in each project.…